Welcome to stepett.


What Stepett means – “Step One”.

It can be your first step to fitness or one step closer to your fitness goal.


Step One. The Development.

We, the development team at Stepett, have toiled through at multiple fronts – our own regular assignments, families, our fitness regimen and the passion to fill the gap of a good, effective and convenient Fitness Apps In India. This has made us juggle our 24 hours a day with both our hands! Multi-tasking and sleepless nights has become the order of the day. The journey to the beta version has taken the team 8 months of continuous intense effort. All of it made more challenging by the fact that a new team was coming together for the first time – a very diverse team with very different expertise. In fact, a team of five initial enthusiasts, with the youngest still waiting for his first girlfriend, while the senior most contributing to the team alongside mentoring his teenage daughter for her Board exams!

But the journey has been fun. One hallmark of the development has been an excellent team spirit. In some ways – Like the Seven Samurai – different talents and industries of all of us has hugely helped in making the final platform a robust one! Our favorite place of meetings? The CCDs and Baristas of South Delhi to Gurgaon. Our favorite joke? The wedding of one of our most eligible bachelor team-mates. Rather, not the wedding but his reluctance! And the joke on him that what does he gain by the Fitness App, if he doesn’t have to marry!


Take Step One.


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